NBD AI Bulletin - Tasly Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd ("the Company", SH 600535, closing price: 17.18 Yuan) announced on the evening of November 13 that shareholder Tasly Holding Group has released the pledge of its 37 million circulating shares without restrictions on the sale and pledged 76.33 million shares to Citic Securities. 

As of the date of this announcement, Tasly Holding Group and its six persons acting in concert holds a total of 754 million shares in Tasly Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd, accounting for 49.88% of the latter's total equity, with the former itself holding 683 million shares, about 45.18% of the listed company's total equity. After the release of the pledge and re-pledge, Tasly Holding Group has accumulatively pledged 282 million shares, representing 41.31% of its holdings or 18.66% of the listed company's total equity. 

The semi-annual report shows that Tasly Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd mainly engages in pharmaceutical commerce, pharmaceutical industry, accounting for 64.51% and 34.67% of its revenue, respectively.

Tasly Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd's chairman is Yan Kaijing, 41 years old, bachelor's degree in computer and information technology at Aston University in the United Kingdom, bachelor's degree in international securities, investment and banking at University of Reading in the United Kingdom, and Ph.D. in traditional Chinese pharmacology at Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tasly Pharmaceutical Group Co Ltd's general manager is Su Jing, male, 57 years old, graduated from Zhongshan School of Medicine, Sun Yat-sen University.

Tips on "Stock Trends":

1. The number of shares held by northbound investors in the Company decreased by 425,800 in the past 30 days, representing 0.02% of the Company's circulating shares;

2. There was no institutional research on the Company in the past 30 days. 

(By Lan Suying)

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