NBD AI Bulletin - Zhongji Innolight Co., Ltd. ("the Company", SZ 300308) announced in the morning of November 16 that the Company has agreed to hire Mr. Wang Shaohua as securities affairs representative to assist the Secretary of the Board.

The 2019 annual report shows that Zhongji Innolight Co., Ltd. mainly engages in optical communication module industry, manufacturing of electric machinery special equipment, accounting for 97.34% and 2.66% of its revenue, respectively.

Zhongji Innolight Co., Ltd.'s chairman is Wang Weixiu, male, 70 years old, Chinese national, no overseas residency, college degree, senior engineer. Zhongji Innolight Co., Ltd.'s general manager is Liu Sheng, male, 49 years old, Chinese national, Ph.D.

Tips on "Stock Trends":

1. The number of shares held by northbound investors in the Company decreased by 1.0946 million in the past 30 days, representing 0.22% of the Company's circulating shares;

2. One batch of 13 institutions conducted research on the Company in the past 30 days;

3. Zhongji Innolight Co., Ltd. last issued a personnel change announcement on November 14, 2020. In the past 12 months, the Company released a total of 12 announcements of such kind.  

(By Lan Suying)

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